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Welcome to Rach’s Food Fuel


Kicking butt everyday!

Welcome to RachsFoodFuel!

Rach here! I am currently a university student with a passion for nutrition and health! I am an avid runner for UB’s D1 distance program. I love cooking, baking, eating, writing, hiking and yoga things! I am a huge nerd for nutrition and recovered from disordered eating and beat 5 years of amenorrhea holistically through food! I have decided to be an advocated for positive change based on my battles with many running injuries including fractures and major foot surgery, using my experiences not as set backs, but as learning opportunities to empower others.

I love writing and this little blog in the big wide world of the internet is here to simply share this love for words with people! I write about all things including my time as division one distance runner, the injuries I have dealt with, recipes,and about my recovery, journey, and resilience to overcome my struggles with eating and amenorrhea to help others live their best life, live on a high frequency and be the bad assiest version of themselves!

Cheers to healthy bodies and happy minds!
Check out my recipes, my Instagram for foodinspo, and my Facebook page too!

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